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2019 : France's Finest - Avignon to Paris

Explore Paris, Burgundy & Provence

Pay your respects at Normandy's World War II beaches. Walk in Joan of Arc's footsteps at Rouen. Luxuriate in Paris's sophistication. Savor Lyon's culinary heritage. Toast the Beaujolais vineyards. Explore Avignon's Palace of the Popes. Celebrate the Provençal lifestyle. Art, cuisine, style, joie de vivre-if you love everything Français, this is for you: a 15-day journey that combines our popular Paris & the Heart of Normandy and Lyon & Provence cruises into one tour de force.

Day by Day

Day 1 - Avignon, France

Sheltered by medieval walls, Avignon's maze of narrow streets is filled with churches, museums and palaces tracing the history of this ancient, vibrant city.

Day 2 - Arles, France

The site of impressive Roman ruins, Arles inspires artists with its vibrant colors and striking quality of light.

Day 3 - Avignon, France

Avignon's grandest edifice is the Palace of the Popes, the papal seat for 70 years in the 14th century.

Day 4 - Viviers, France

Set in a mountainous province, Viviers was founded in the 5th century.

Day 5 - Tournon, France

Tournon lies secluded between the Rhône River and granite slopes of the Hermitage.

Day 6 - Lyon, France

After Paris, Lyon is France's most significant cultural and culinary center.

Day 7 - Lyon, France

There's nothing like losing yourself among the cobblestone streets and riverside promenade of Old Lyon.

Day 8 - Lyon, France

France's third largest city, Lyon straddles the Rhône and Saône Rivers.

Day 9 - Paris (Le Pecq), France

A Seine River port, Le Pecq lies just a short distance from the splendor of Paris's world-renowned culture, cuisine and architecture.

Day 10 - Vernon, France

Vernon's cobblestone streets are reminiscent of the Middle Ages, and some of the half-timbered houses feature magnificent wooden carvings.

Day 11 - Rouen, France

Founded by the Romans, Rouen is situated amidst the chalk cliffs along the Seine and filled with half-timbered houses and exquisite Gothic architecture.

Day 12 - Normandy, France

Normandy's legendary D-Day Beaches bear witness to the heroism of the troops who landed here in World War II.

Day 13 - Les Andelys, France

Set along the Seine, this small town is best known for the imposing Château Gaillard overlooking the village.

Day 14 - Paris (Le Pecq), France

A gateway to Paris, Le Pecq is a lovely waterfront town of cobblestone streets and charming architecture.

Day 15 - Paris, France

Paris's cultural and historic significance is evident in its many noted landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Arc de Triomphe.

Viking Inclusive Value

Your included features and services:

  • 14 included shore excursions with local guide & headset
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary beer, wine & soft drinks with onboard lunch & dinner
  • Multiple dining venues with open seating
  • 24/7 specialty coffees, teas & bottled water
  • Aquavit Terrace and the most al fresco dining on Europe's Rivers
  • All port taxes and fees
  • Airport transfers on date of embarkation/disembarkation with Viking Air program

    Your experience:

  • 15-days; 1 country; 11 ports
  • Visit 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Culture Curriculum: learn about & sample a variety of French cheeses; try some Burgundian wines; see how silk printing is done today; attend lectures on Jeanne d'Arc & French Impressionists; learn to say a few words en Français
  • All onboard meals featuring regional specialties & always available American classics
  • Welcome Cocktail Reception & Farewell Dinner
  • Organic herb garden
  • Open-air walking track
  • 24/7 Guest Services for special requests

    Your stateroom:

  • Riverview stateroom
  • Room steward & twice daily housekeeping service
  • Hotel-style bed with optional twin-bed configuration; luxury linens & pillows
  • 40" flat-screen LCD TV & complimentary Movies on Demand
  • Refrigerator, security safe, hair dryer
  • 110/220 volt outlets & USB port
  • Heated bathroom floor & anti-fog mirrors
  • Glass-enclosed shower
  • Premium Freyja toiletries, bathrobe & slippers (upon request)
  • Call 888-775-0288 for more information or to book today! Mention code 13991545
    Cruise LineViking River Cruises
    OfferOffer valid through 9/30/2018
    15 Days
    Cruise Ship
    Viking Delling
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    Day 1Avignon  
    Day 2Arles  
    Day 3Avignon  
    Day 4Viviers  
    Day 5Tournon  
    Day 6Lyon  
    Day 7Lyon  
    Day 8Lyon  
    Day 9Paris (Le Pecq)  
    Day 10Vernon  
    Day 11Rouen  
    Day 12Normandy  
    Day 13Les Andelys  
    Day 14Paris (Le Pecq)  
    Day 15Paris  
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    March 19, 2019Category ES - Sold Out Quote
    March 19, 2019Category F$5,299.00 (USD)Quote
    March 19, 2019Category E$5,449.00 (USD)Quote
    March 19, 2019Category D$5,949.00 (USD)Quote
    March 19, 2019Category C$6,349.00 (USD)Quote
    March 19, 2019Category B$6,699.00 (USD)Quote
    March 19, 2019Category A$6,899.00 (USD)Quote
    March 19, 2019Category AA$7,999.00 (USD)Quote
    April 02, 2019Category ES - Sold Out Quote
    April 02, 2019Category AA - Sold Out Quote
    April 02, 2019Category C - Sold Out Quote
    April 02, 2019Category D - Sold Out Quote
    April 02, 2019Category F - Sold Out Quote
    April 02, 2019Category E$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
    April 02, 2019Category B$6,999.00 (USD)Quote
    April 02, 2019Category A$7,299.00 (USD)Quote
    April 16, 2019Category F$6,299.00 (USD)Quote
    April 16, 2019Category E$6,499.00 (USD)Quote
    April 16, 2019Category D$7,099.00 (USD)Quote
    April 16, 2019Category C$7,499.00 (USD)Quote
    April 16, 2019Category B$7,999.00 (USD)Quote
    April 16, 2019Category A$8,499.00 (USD)Quote
    April 16, 2019Category AA$11,699.00 (USD)Quote
    April 16, 2019Category ES$15,199.00 (USD)Quote
    April 30, 2019Category F$6,599.00 (USD)Quote
    April 30, 2019Category E$6,799.00 (USD)Quote
    April 30, 2019Category D$7,399.00 (USD)Quote
    April 30, 2019Category C$7,799.00 (USD)Quote
    April 30, 2019Category B$8,399.00 (USD)Quote
    April 30, 2019Category A$8,899.00 (USD)Quote
    April 30, 2019Category AA$12,099.00 (USD)Quote
    April 30, 2019Category ES$16,999.00 (USD)Quote
    May 14, 2019Category F$6,599.00 (USD)Quote
    May 14, 2019Category E$6,799.00 (USD)Quote
    May 14, 2019Category D$7,399.00 (USD)Quote
    May 14, 2019Category C$7,799.00 (USD)Quote
    May 14, 2019Category B$8,399.00 (USD)Quote
    May 14, 2019Category A$8,899.00 (USD)Quote
    May 14, 2019Category AA$12,099.00 (USD)Quote
    May 14, 2019Category ES$16,999.00 (USD)Quote
    May 28, 2019Category ES - Sold Out Quote
    May 28, 2019Category AA - Sold Out Quote
    May 28, 2019Category A - Sold Out Quote
    May 28, 2019Category B - Sold Out Quote
    May 28, 2019Category C - Sold Out Quote
    May 28, 2019Category D - Sold Out Quote
    May 28, 2019Category E - Sold Out Quote
    May 28, 2019Category F - Sold Out Quote
    June 11, 2019Category ES - Sold Out Quote
    June 11, 2019Category AA - Sold Out Quote
    June 11, 2019Category A - Sold Out Quote
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    June 11, 2019Category C - Sold Out Quote
    June 11, 2019Category D - Sold Out Quote
    June 11, 2019Category E - Sold Out Quote
    June 11, 2019Category F - Sold Out Quote
    June 25, 2019Category B - Sold Out Quote
    June 25, 2019Category E - Sold Out Quote
    June 25, 2019Category ES - Sold Out Quote
    June 25, 2019Category AA - Sold Out Quote
    June 25, 2019Category A - Sold Out Quote
    June 25, 2019Category C - Sold Out Quote
    June 25, 2019Category D - Sold Out Quote
    June 25, 2019Category F - Sold Out Quote
    July 09, 2019Category F$5,899.00 (USD)Quote
    July 09, 2019Category E$6,099.00 (USD)Quote
    July 09, 2019Category D$6,699.00 (USD)Quote
    July 09, 2019Category C$7,099.00 (USD)Quote
    July 09, 2019Category B$7,599.00 (USD)Quote
    July 09, 2019Category A$7,999.00 (USD)Quote
    July 09, 2019Category AA$11,199.00 (USD)Quote
    July 09, 2019Category ES$16,299.00 (USD)Quote
    July 23, 2019Category F$5,899.00 (USD)Quote
    July 23, 2019Category E$6,099.00 (USD)Quote
    July 23, 2019Category D$6,699.00 (USD)Quote
    July 23, 2019Category C$7,099.00 (USD)Quote
    July 23, 2019Category B$7,599.00 (USD)Quote
    July 23, 2019Category A$7,999.00 (USD)Quote
    July 23, 2019Category AA$11,199.00 (USD)Quote
    July 23, 2019Category ES$16,299.00 (USD)Quote
    August 06, 2019Category F$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
    August 06, 2019Category E$5,949.00 (USD)Quote
    August 06, 2019Category D$6,499.00 (USD)Quote
    August 06, 2019Category C$6,899.00 (USD)Quote
    August 06, 2019Category B$7,399.00 (USD)Quote
    August 06, 2019Category A$7,799.00 (USD)Quote
    August 06, 2019Category AA$10,999.00 (USD)Quote
    August 06, 2019Category ES$16,199.00 (USD)Quote
    August 20, 2019Category F$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
    August 20, 2019Category E$5,949.00 (USD)Quote
    August 20, 2019Category D$6,499.00 (USD)Quote
    August 20, 2019Category C$6,899.00 (USD)Quote
    August 20, 2019Category B$7,399.00 (USD)Quote
    August 20, 2019Category A$7,799.00 (USD)Quote
    August 20, 2019Category AA$10,999.00 (USD)Quote
    August 20, 2019Category ES$16,199.00 (USD)Quote
    September 03, 2019Category F$6,799.00 (USD)Quote
    September 03, 2019Category E$6,999.00 (USD)Quote
    September 03, 2019Category D$7,599.00 (USD)Quote
    September 03, 2019Category C$7,999.00 (USD)Quote
    September 03, 2019Category B$8,599.00 (USD)Quote
    September 03, 2019Category A$8,899.00 (USD)Quote
    September 03, 2019Category AA$12,099.00 (USD)Quote
    September 03, 2019Category ES$17,249.00 (USD)Quote
    September 17, 2019Category F$6,799.00 (USD)Quote
    September 17, 2019Category E$6,999.00 (USD)Quote
    September 17, 2019Category D$7,599.00 (USD)Quote
    September 17, 2019Category C$7,999.00 (USD)Quote
    September 17, 2019Category B$8,599.00 (USD)Quote
    September 17, 2019Category A$8,899.00 (USD)Quote
    September 17, 2019Category AA$12,099.00 (USD)Quote
    September 17, 2019Category ES$17,249.00 (USD)Quote
    October 01, 2019Category B - Sold Out Quote
    October 01, 2019Category C - Sold Out Quote
    October 01, 2019Category D - Sold Out Quote
    October 01, 2019Category F$5,699.00 (USD)Quote
    October 01, 2019Category E$5,899.00 (USD)Quote
    October 01, 2019Category A$7,899.00 (USD)Quote
    October 01, 2019Category AA$11,099.00 (USD)Quote
    October 01, 2019Category ES$15,699.00 (USD)Quote
    October 15, 2019Category F$5,299.00 (USD)Quote
    October 15, 2019Category E$5,499.00 (USD)Quote
    October 15, 2019Category D$5,999.00 (USD)Quote
    October 15, 2019Category C$6,399.00 (USD)Quote
    October 15, 2019Category B$6,799.00 (USD)Quote
    October 15, 2019Category A$7,099.00 (USD)Quote
    October 15, 2019Category AA$9,299.00 (USD)Quote
    October 15, 2019Category ES$12,499.00 (USD)Quote
    October 29, 2019Category F$4,699.00 (USD)Quote
    October 29, 2019Category E$4,899.00 (USD)Quote
    October 29, 2019Category D$5,299.00 (USD)Quote
    October 29, 2019Category C$5,699.00 (USD)Quote
    October 29, 2019Category B$5,999.00 (USD)Quote
    October 29, 2019Category A$6,199.00 (USD)Quote
    October 29, 2019Category AA$7,299.00 (USD)Quote
    October 29, 2019Category ES$10,199.00 (USD)Quote
    November 12, 2019Category E - Sold Out Quote
    November 12, 2019Category F - Sold Out Quote
    November 12, 2019Category D$4,599.00 (USD)Quote
    November 12, 2019Category C$4,899.00 (USD)Quote
    November 12, 2019Category B$5,199.00 (USD)Quote
    November 12, 2019Category A$5,399.00 (USD)Quote
    November 12, 2019Category AA$6,299.00 (USD)Quote
    November 12, 2019Category ES$9,399.00 (USD)Quote

    2019 : France's Finest - Avignon to Paris
    From $4,599.00 (USD)

    Destination: Europe
    Ship: Viking Delling
    Explore Paris, Burgundy & ProvencePay your respects at Normandy's World War II beaches. Walk in Joan of Arc's footsteps at Rouen.