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Monograms Arrow 2018: Europe Vacations Arrow 2018: Florence Getaway 2 Nights (MQ2)
2018: Florence Getaway 2 Nights (MQ2)
3 days from Florence to Florence
One of Florence's most notable citizens, Dante Alighieri, was exiled from the city in the 1300s. Unlike Dante, you'll be welcomed to Florence with open arms! Upon your arrival, you'll be greeted by your one-of-a-kind Monograms Local Host, someone who is there for you throughout your stay to answer questions, help arrange your activities, offer suggestions, and ensure your vacation runs smoothly. Florence has so much to offer-historical landmarks, world-class museums, spectacular cuisine and wine, an abundance of works of art, and much more-that we know it can be overwhelming. That's why we've arranged the services of a Local Host to assist you. Plus, on this 4-day vacation, we've also arranged your hotel reservations, daily breakfast, and sightseeing.

Your vacation begins when you arrive in Florence. Your Local Host will greet you with a friendly smile and a set of materials to help familiarize you with the city. You can begin exploring immediately and the next morning, after included breakfast, we'll pick you up at your hotel for guided sightseeing of the must-see attractions. We'll take you to the Academy of Fine Arts to see Michelangelo's David. You'll hear inside stories as we take you for a walk through the city center to see Cathedral Square; sculpture-studded Piazza della Signoria, the center of the city's political life since the 14th century; and Santa Croce Square. And never fear? your inside visit includes VIP access, which means you get to skip the line! After all, why waste time waiting in line like all the other tourists when you can be up close and personal with the treasures inside the Academy of Fine Arts?

You'll also have a full day to explore on your own. You may want to take a guided tour of the Uffizi Gallery, one of the world's most famous art museums with works by da Vinci, Botticelli, and Michelangelo. Perhaps shop at the famous designer houses or browse the shops on the medieval Ponte Vecchio, the arched, stone merchant bridge that has housed stores since the 13th century. You may decide to take an excursion to Pisa to see the Leaning Tower; explore the secret passages of Palazzo Vecchio, constructed in 1299; or take a walking tour to visit some of the sights featured in Dan Brown's book Inferno. Your Local Host will have plenty of suggestions and can help arrange the activities you desire.

Florence is a city with a deep history and artistic heritage. It offers everything from mouth-watering cuisine to exciting museums and beautiful churches. We want to make it easy for you to travel here, which is why we've arranged your hotel reservations, guides, sightseeing, and breakfast. All you have to do is grab your camera and get ready for an exciting adventure. Add the comfort of knowing you'll have someone there throughout your stay, and you've got the perfect vacation!
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Tour OperatorMonograms
3 Days
Escorted - No
Day 1FlorenceBenvenuto - welcome! Your Local Host is available to help you create lasting memories in this splendid Renaissance city.
Day 2FlorenceMorning guided sightseeing, with headset, includes a visit of the ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS featuring Michelangelo's original David. Walk through Cathedral Square; sculpture-studded Piazza della Signoria, center of the city's political life since the 14th century; and Santa Croce Square. Also admire medieval Ponte Vecchio, the arched, stone merchant bridge spanning the Arno River. (On Mondays, included guided sightseeing will take place on Day 3)
Day 3FlorenceYour vacation ends with breakfast this morning.
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July 07, 2018Land Only Price$727.00 (USD)Quote
July 09, 2018Land Only Price$620.00 (USD)Quote
July 10, 2018Land Only Price$620.00 (USD)Quote
July 11, 2018Land Only Price$620.00 (USD)Quote
July 12, 2018Land Only Price$620.00 (USD)Quote
July 13, 2018Land Only Price$620.00 (USD)Quote
July 14, 2018Land Only Price$620.00 (USD)Quote
July 16, 2018Land Only Price$620.00 (USD)Quote
July 17, 2018Land Only Price$620.00 (USD)Quote
July 18, 2018Land Only Price$620.00 (USD)Quote
July 19, 2018Land Only Price$620.00 (USD)Quote
July 20, 2018Land Only Price$620.00 (USD)Quote
July 21, 2018Land Only Price$620.00 (USD)Quote
July 23, 2018Land Only Price$620.00 (USD)Quote
July 24, 2018Land Only Price$620.00 (USD)Quote
July 25, 2018Land Only Price$620.00 (USD)Quote
July 26, 2018Land Only Price$620.00 (USD)Quote
July 27, 2018Land Only Price$620.00 (USD)Quote
July 28, 2018Land Only Price$620.00 (USD)Quote
July 30, 2018Land Only Price$620.00 (USD)Quote
July 31, 2018Land Only Price$598.00 (USD)Quote
August 01, 2018Land Only Price$576.00 (USD)Quote
August 02, 2018Land Only Price$576.00 (USD)Quote
August 03, 2018Land Only Price$576.00 (USD)Quote
August 06, 2018Land Only Price$576.00 (USD)Quote
August 07, 2018Land Only Price$576.00 (USD)Quote
August 08, 2018Land Only Price$576.00 (USD)Quote
August 09, 2018Land Only Price$576.00 (USD)Quote
August 10, 2018Land Only Price$576.00 (USD)Quote
August 11, 2018Land Only Price$576.00 (USD)Quote
August 13, 2018Land Only Price$576.00 (USD)Quote
August 14, 2018Land Only Price$576.00 (USD)Quote
August 15, 2018Land Only Price$576.00 (USD)Quote
August 16, 2018Land Only Price$576.00 (USD)Quote
August 17, 2018Land Only Price$576.00 (USD)Quote
August 18, 2018Land Only Price$576.00 (USD)Quote
August 20, 2018Land Only Price$576.00 (USD)Quote
August 21, 2018Land Only Price$576.00 (USD)Quote
August 22, 2018Land Only Price$576.00 (USD)Quote
August 23, 2018Land Only Price$576.00 (USD)Quote
August 24, 2018Land Only Price$576.00 (USD)Quote
August 25, 2018Land Only Price$576.00 (USD)Quote
August 27, 2018Land Only Price$576.00 (USD)Quote
August 28, 2018Land Only Price$576.00 (USD)Quote
August 29, 2018Land Only Price$576.00 (USD)Quote
August 30, 2018Land Only Price$576.00 (USD)Quote
August 31, 2018Land Only Price$615.00 (USD)Quote
September 03, 2018Land Only Price$652.00 (USD)Quote
September 04, 2018Land Only Price$652.00 (USD)Quote
September 05, 2018Land Only Price$652.00 (USD)Quote
September 06, 2018Land Only Price$652.00 (USD)Quote
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September 25, 2018Land Only Price$652.00 (USD)Quote
September 26, 2018Land Only Price$652.00 (USD)Quote
September 27, 2018Land Only Price$652.00 (USD)Quote
September 28, 2018Land Only Price$652.00 (USD)Quote
September 29, 2018Land Only Price$652.00 (USD)Quote
October 01, 2018Land Only Price$652.00 (USD)Quote
October 02, 2018Land Only Price$652.00 (USD)Quote
October 03, 2018Land Only Price$652.00 (USD)Quote
October 04, 2018Land Only Price$652.00 (USD)Quote
October 05, 2018Land Only Price$652.00 (USD)Quote
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October 09, 2018Land Only Price$652.00 (USD)Quote
October 10, 2018Land Only Price$652.00 (USD)Quote
October 11, 2018Land Only Price$652.00 (USD)Quote
October 12, 2018Land Only Price$652.00 (USD)Quote
October 13, 2018Land Only Price$652.00 (USD)Quote