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Contiki Escorted Tours for 18-35 Years!
Escorted vacations to Europe, Britain, Mediterranean, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, American and Canada. Guaranteed share or low single rates!


All Contiki tours are created exclusively for ages 18-35. If your are planning on coming alone, (nearly half of our clients do) and don't want to pay for a single room,, don't worry-- they'll set you up with a roommate--same sex, of course! Or if you'd prefer, you can arrange to have your own room at a nominal fee. On most of the tours you'll travel via luxury motor coaches that carry between 25-50 others.

On some tours like Hawaii, Alaska, Botswana, Outback of Australia or Nambia, they use smaller vehicles mini-coaches or 4-wheel drive all-terrain vehicles, that carry 8-20 people. You'll have the opportunity to travel with others from all over the world. It's quite typical to have 6-15 different nationalities represented on any one tour. Your tour managers and drivers are the same age and really fun! They come from many different backgrounds (actors, Peace Corps volunteers, sales managers, bankers, bartenders, surfers, chefs and many others). You'll be traveling with a tour manager who knows how to get around the countries your are visiting. (More Information under the list of tours!)


European Getaways!

London & Paris: 7 Days from $1019.00 (double/share),
add $305.00 (single supplement)
09 Days from $1199.00 (double/share), add $305.00 (single supplement)
Departures weekly

London, Paris & Amsterdam: 09 days from $1379.00 (double/share),
add $405.00 (single supplement)
Departures weekly

London, Paris & Rome: 11 days from $1385.00 (double/share),
add $395.00 (single supplement)
Departures weekly

Berlin & Prague: 07 days from $969.00(double/share),
add $245.00 (single supplement)
Departures weekly

Vienna & Budapest: 5 days from $815.00(double/share), add $205.00 (single supplement) Departures monthly.

Britain and Central Europe!

Great Britain & Southern Ireland: 16 Days/4 Countries from $2,415.00 (double/share),
add $625.00 (single supplement)
England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland
Departures weekly March to October

European Magic: 11 Days/7 Countries from $1375.00 (double/twin share),
add $365.00 (single supplement)
Belgium (in transit), Holland, Germany, Austria (in transit), Italy, Switzerland, France
Departures weekly 

European Discovery: 14 Days/8 Countries from $1789.00 (double/twin share)
add $475.00 (single supplement)
Belgium (in transit), France, Germany, Austria, Vatican City, Italy, Switzerland, France
Departures weekly 

Additional European Tours Available:
18, 19, 23, 30, & 36 Days in Length!
from $1445.00-$3879.00 double or twin/share
Fly Free in March from New York on the 30 or 36 day European Tours!

Regional European Getaways!

Italian Espresso: 8 Days from $1145.00(double/twin share), add $365.00(single supplement).  Tour begins and ends in Rome and visits Florence and Venice.  Departures monthly.

Mediterranean Highlights: 14 Days from $1675.00 (double/share),
add $639.00 (single supplement)
5 Countries-Spain, France, Monaco, Italy & Vatican City
Departures bi-weekly 

Spanish Spree: 13 Days from $1645.00 (double/share),
add $599.00 (single supplement)
Departures weekly 

Simply Italy: 13 Days from $1685.00 (double/share),
add $609.00 (single supplement)
Visit Rome, Sorrento, Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre, La Spezia, Milan, Lake Garda, Verona, Venice, San Marino and end back in Rome.
Departures weekly 

Eastern Road: 14 Days from $1789.00 (double/share),
add $459.00 (single supplement). Visit Germany, Poland, Czech Rep. Austria, Hungary, Slovak Republic.  Tour begins and ends in Berlin. 
Departures bi-weekly April to September

Scandinavia: 11 Days from $1769.00 (double/share),
add $445.00 (single supplement)
Discover Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
Departures monthly: May to September

Greek Island Hopping: 14 Days from $1969.00 (double/share),
add $925.00 (single supplement)
Visit 3 Islands and Athens: Santorini, Los & Mykonos 
Departures weekly

Louis Hellenic Cruises: 7 & 10 Day Cruise/Tours from $699.00-$1325.00 (double/ twin share)
,add $105.00-$205.00. (single supplement).  Quad reductions available.  Port Charges, taxes and gratuities: $145-$290.00 per person. Departures March through October every year.

Special Low Airfares Available -- Just ask!

These are just a few of the many tours available from Contiki Tours (18-35 year olds only)!

Don't worry about a lack of free time! The tours are designed so you'll have lots of free time to do your own thing. Not only do they schedule free time, but you can venture off on your own at any point during the tour. At each destination, they include a great deal of excursions, but there are always more to choose from. From experience, they know the optional excursions that have proven to be the most popular. The options do cost extra and a full list relating to your trip will be sent with your final documents. As far as nightlife is concerned, there is something for everyone! The tour manager will always give the group a variety of options. For those that are looking for a little adventure, there are nightclubs and bars. If you prefer a quiet evening, some of the hotels have swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and in-room movies. On each tour they try to offer alternative evenings where events are organized (e.g. pub nights, cabaret shows in Paris and Las Vegas, beer halls in Munich, candlelit canal cruise, Tuscan dinner, Texas rodeo, paddle wheel river cruise).

And the price is right! A typical Contiki tour costs $60-80 per day plus airfare. So, if you have the time, you can take a 20 or 30 day Contiki tour that costs no more than your friends spent backpacking. In addition, Contiki's airfares are great! In our opinion, they are the best tour operator for 18-35 year olds! Contiki has a fabulous website and we highly recommend it! Just click on the Contiki logo below to explore this great site. You can search for the perfect tour, find answers to the most frequently asked questions, and order a brochure. Don't miss the message boards!


 Thanks again for visiting our website and remember that we'd be delighted to help with your vacation plans. Just let us know what looks good and we'll check the availability and rates. Looking forward to hearing from you again soon!

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